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At Tatum’s Towing and Recovery, excellent customer service is our top priority. We are committed to expedited response times to best assist our customers, while demonstrating professionalism, honesty, integrity, and dependability, no matter what the unfortunate situation.


Private Property Tow-Away

Property managers, business owners, and restaurateurs post signs designating their private parking areas. These signs inform drivers when parking is available to residents, patrons, and vendors of their establishments. When drivers ignore these posted warning signs, Tatum’s is available to provide prompt, efficient towing services at the driver’s expense.



Emergency Roadside Service

Life happens every day. The keys get locked in the car. An interior light drains the battery. Gas fumes only take a car so far. A jack and a clue could’ve helped with that flat tire. Tatum’s Towing and Recovery has heard and successfully responded to all of these unfortunate circumstances and more.



Medium Duty Towing

Cars are not the only vehicles that experience trouble. Delivery trucks, shuttle buses, dually trucks, marine craft, campers and farm equipment also break down. Using medium duty fleet trucks with superior manoeuvrability and towing capacity, allows our highly-skilled crew to perform safe recovery operations when a journey goes awry.



Equipment Transport

Big jobs requiring big equipment requires Tatum’s Towing! Our specialized transport trucks are fully equipped with the proper tools and attachments to safely and securely move heavy duty construction, industrial and agricultural equipment to worksite destinations throughout the Florida Suncoast. Our professional team is careful to protect the equipment in transport, while alerting other drivers of oversized loads.



RV & Camper Towing

RV’s and campers experience trouble on Florida roadways every day, so our towing and recovery trucks are outfitted to safely transport vehicles with deep axles, to get you on the road again.

Our highways are rich with recreational vehicles, and they experience trouble, just like cars, trucks and SUV’s. Tatum’s has the right equipment to tow large campers and RV’s for repairs or seasonal storage; as well as performing recovery services when a camper or RV becomes stuck in muck and sand, or are involved in accidental roll-overs.



Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transportation in the Sunshine State. Unfortunately, our staff members have witnessed numerous accidents involving motorcycles, so we purchased a motorcycle hauler to accommodate cyclists’ needs for post-accident towing. Our motorcycle hauler can also be used to safely move a motorcycle from one place to another, as needed.




4×4 Off-Road Recovery

Florida offers a myriad of off-road riding opportunities. However, too much fun in the sun, or a mishap in nasty weather, can wreak havoc on an off-road vehicle. Tatum’s specialized equipment, medium and heavy duty 4×4 wreckers are designed to handle the most extreme recovery efforts of quads, Jeeps, trucks, SUVs, and more, from area waterways, sand dunes and mud pits.




Law Enforcement Towing

Police officers responding to automobile accidents, abandoned vehicles and criminal activity require law enforcement towing to clear roadways and private property, anytime, day or night.

Law Enforcement towing involves working with area police officers to remove abandoned vehicles; those disabled due to engine problems or auto accidents; and those vehicles belonging to individuals placed under arrest on Florida roadways. Just as law enforcement officers make a commitment to serve our community and its citizens, so too, does the staff and management at Tatum’s Towing and Recovery.